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Merlot: or Drinking Before Noon

Ah Intro to Wines class, were we drink wine and or beer before noon and then spit it out so as not to get drunk. OK so I didn’t always spit it all out, but hey I’m 25 and think it’s bad form to waste good wine.

Moving on to what I think was fun about the class, yes besides the drinking part… I thought that it was personally fascinating How different wines grown from different areas of the world can and do have a distinctly different flavor. More so then this it was great to sit down and have wine tastings, but then again I like wine. Being able to pick out the taste and smells of the wine and talking about what foods they would pair with and why is fun for me.

For the wine class we did have to do a research project about a wine we would be tasting to learn more about it. I did mine on Merlot as it is one of my favorite wines to drink. So even tho it’s before Noon in VT doesn’t mean we are alcoholics, it just means that we are students learning what wine taste like….


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