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Herbs, Spices, Lobsters, and Seaweed oh my…

So I went into Product Identification thinking it was going to be a slow-paced class where we would just be looking at power points and listening to our Chef instructors lecture about different food items, oh how wrong I was, mostly…

Listening to lectures, and reading power points was a big part of the class, but at the same time we got to play guessing games with all sorts of different ingredients. We would walk in each day and have a base subject that we were given, like say oil and vinegar, but the containers or items would just be labeled with a number, and we would have to identify the item. Tasting different oils and vinegars at 9 in the morning is a great way to wake up…

One of the best aspects of this class was that it was interactive and fun. Seafood day in particular was a great day, but then again I like mussels and oysters. We also had two lobsters which I named jokingly “Lunch, and Dinner”

Many of the days in the week that we had this class were packed full of information, but it was also about tasting the difference between flavors of one item to the next. This was all for the sole purpose of getting us to think about the items we use in the kitchen. On the last day of class we had by far my favorite tasting, CHEESE!

This was also the day that our ingredient fact worksheets were due, the only homework or project we had for this class. The idea was to pick one of the items we had gone over in class and do research about this item to turn in the fact worksheet on. While we did not go over this item in class I talked with the chefs and they agreed to let me go outside the box and do my project on seaweed. So for a detailed look at Seaweed, please click on the link.

All things considered, I enjoyed this class a great deal for not only the information it provided me with, but also for the greater understanding of how so many different ingredients can be used to make a simple dish decadent and delicious.


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