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To be, or Not To Be Professional?

Is that really a question anymore? I know for myself it’s not. Mostly because the school expects such a high level of professionalism everyday that it’s almost ingrained into me at this point in time. We have a class called Professional Development, which even with only being an hour-long once a week, is by far in my opinion the most important non-culinary class we have.

This class really gets down to the nitty-gritty of what it means to be professional, and more so than just that, it helps us set up our resume, write a cover letter, and gives us the skills to interview as expected in the corporate world. Having worked in a corporate environment before and having been through a brief training program on how to present yourself in an interview and what is being looked at while in an interview. With all of this past experience I can say that it pales in comparison to what I learned in class and throughout all of my schooling so far. This class is so important because it set us up for getting our internships. More importantly than that, it is setting us up for the careers we plan to have later in life.

Being a professional is more than just a set of skills or a well typed resume, it’s a way of thinking and acting that really does set a person apart from everyone else. In fact one of the things they shared with us in class when we were getting ready to do our mock interview sessions was are you a professional? This paper asks a set of questions that is for personal reflection but really does make you think about what  a professional is.

Above all else being professional or being perceived as a professional is all about you as the person. It is one thing to act and go with the flow of being professional, it is something else entirely to actually be professional. It’s very easy sometimes to get caught up in the question of “am I professional?”, when it is really very simple; professionals don’t ask if they are professional, professionals know they are.


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