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Beef vs. Cow: is there a difference?

Very simply put yes, yes there is. I bring up this topic of conversation because it has been a topic of much laughter and joking in class over the last few days. Strangely enough it’s even made its way onto Facebook and I have read the arguments of people who are not in class with me. Actually I don’t even know who these people are, but that’s they joy of being tagged in photos and videos.

Simply put the argument is this; beef comes from cows so that means that it’s still one in the same. From an outside culinary perspective, and even if you are like me and can see both sides, yes this statement is true. However having been to farms you couldn’t pay me to go out in the field and stab a cow with a fork and try to cut a bite sized piece off of it. The big part of all of this is that a cow is the animal and is used for dairy, while beef is what we eat.

I know I have joked about just tossing the freshly killed cow on a plate and bringing it out to me when I order a steak, but I don’t think fork lifts would fit between the tables of a restaurant. So I’ll keep my cows for the milk and cheese, and eat my beef in a much safer, yet not as fun sounding, way and stay out of the pasture.


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