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Junk vs. Culinary food

So day one about to be day two of Written Expression and each day we will have a topic to write about. This is just free form thought about whatever the question or prompt is and can go in any direction that our mind goes. I don’t know if I will share all of these or just ones that I like or had a bit of fun with. Regardless enjoy:

Write about junk food vs. culinary food.

Junk food is all in the mind of the person who is eating it. What is junk to one person may be a treasure to another person. All food is culinary food, as it takes a person who has had even the tiniest amount of culinary education to make it. The fry cook at Burger King still received training to work that fryer, “Is he a chef?” would be the better question to ask. Getting back on topic however, culinary food as I have already stated is just that food that is prepared by a person with culinary training, so what then is junk food?

Junk food is classified by the one who is eating it. The super rich my consider anything that they don’t pay over $100 for to be junk food, where the raccoon or seagull who are literally eating junk, may find that the half rotten french fries are the delicacies of the day.

If we are talking from a strictly human perspective then it once again comes down to whom and where that person is from. In the case of the starving Ethiopian child a loaf of fresh backed bread may be like a gift from the culinary kitchen gods, but to you and me may be used to put marshmallow fluff and peanut butter on for a snack. The most import thing to consider when asking, what is “junk food” and what is “culinary food”, is who you are talking to and who you are talking about. Just like with anything there are so many different viewpoints that you never truly know where the broad spectrum or blanket statements are going to get you. Then again maybe the raccoon has something and maybe the food really does taste better when it comes from a shiny new garbage can.


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