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Wait How Many New Students Are Coming???

So today is the start of a new Mod here at NECI, and it is the biggest starting class that the school has ever had. Very fitting seeing as this is the schools 30th anniversary year as well. I never did hear how many students actually showed up or enrolled today, but #’s of 91 to 110 were being tossed around all day.

This was a very fun morning and afternoon for me as I was lucky enough to be able to help with the “taste of NECI” event the school put on. This was our chance to show off the school and why the students and parents chose NECI. Different classes did different things, like Meat Fab. 2 did a smoked pastrami that was fantastic. We had cheeses to show support of the local farmers and slow foods network. We put on an ironing demo and talked about the care of Brigade, and last but not least the part I was helping with, Knife Skills and the knife kit.

I was demonstrating my knife skills for all of the new students to see, while having to answer questions about what was in the knife kit, and the school in general. Have you ever tried to tournee a  potato while talking to people? for anyone who does not know a tournee is traditionally a vegetable or fruit that is cut with seven even sides.

It is really funny to be on the other side of the looking-glass this time around. Seeing the expressions on the students faces; hearing the parents and students talk about the food we had out to taste. It is really hard to think that I to had the same expressions on my face the very first day of school, but what is even harder to think is that it was only 3 months ago.

I hadn’t realized just how fast the school and program moves. More so then the speed, it’s interesting to look back on just how much I have learned in that really, very short 3 months, that I have been here at NECI. If you had asked me any of the questions I answered with confidence today, about knife skills or the school, I would have given you the same nervous first year student look I got today.

I don’t know if any of the new students are reading this or will even look at this but from one NECI student who is only 3 months ahead of you, Welcome. You have picked a fantastic school where you will learn something everyday. You are getting ready to work with and learn from a group of Chefs that love what they are doing, and push themselves just as hard as they push us. You have no idea yet just how lucky you are, but in 3 months when you look back like I have you will. Welcome new Mod 1’s and good luck!


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