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A little bit embarrassing, but at the same time also a little bit amazing. Yesterday (10/16/2010) I’m ironing my chef coats for next week and while ironing the collar I somehow scorched it. It was only a couple of seconds or maybe I got distracted, I don’t really know how it happened, but it did. Regardless I was none too happy with myself, as I’m looking at a perfectly toasted collar. I decide to take action and see if I can’t save the chef coat, mostly because I don’t want to go buy a new one. I go to my trustywitchs brew for cleaning brigade, I start by soaking the collar in Zout. I then use equal parts Oxi-Clean, and Cascade and precede to rub them in to the collar until it is a bit soapy and well caked on to it. I toss the coat in to my tub of soaking water, with its normal brew and let the soaking begin. After about 20 minutes I go to check and see if I have in fact ruined the coat, to my very happy surprise the collar is white again!

Now I am not going to claim that this is a fix for every time we may scorch a chef coat with an iron, really I think it was because I got lucky and reacted so fast. It also could be that the combination of cleaners I used is strong enough to clean scorch marks, but I don’t plan on testing this hypotheses.


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