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150 People… Well That Was Easy

I’m cooking in a kitchen again! It has been almost 2 months (7 weeks actually) since I got to cook, and god have I missed it. Don’t get me wrong by any means, Meat Fab was awesome, and the break between Mod 1 and 2 was much-needed/ enjoyed. I still missed not getting to play in the kitchen, but today was the first day of Culinary Basics and the Production Kitchen, aka Caf, aka Cooking Theory 2.0. I won’t have to worry about a lack of getting to cook. I’m going to call this class Caf. because it’s easier than typing out Culinary Basics and the Production Kitchen. I joking call it Cooking Theory 2.0 because we are taking the small-scale of what we learned and applying it to batch cooking.

For example today we walked in as the first day of class and hit the ground running. We went from knife skills to cooking methods (thank you Meat Fab). So here is how the class works, every two days we change to a new station within the kitchen. Today I was on the main entrée station, this means for breakfast I make or cook the breakfast meat, and then start working on the non-vegetarian entrée of the day. Where I move to next in the kitchen hasn’t been posted yet but something tells me I will know by the end of tomorrow.

Since the whole class was done 5 minutes before we opened for lunch, I served lunch. We talked about portion control, and being aware of how much you had left in the pan, and in reserve so that if needed we could make more or change over to the back up. From when the Caf. opened at 11:15am until it closed at 1:00pm we served 150 students and staff. While this seems like a lot at first, I was surprised because it didn’t feel like we had served that many people.  This was because every time we got close to needing something we had it ready to go, or in cooking terms our Mise en place was spot on.

Really if nothing else I learned new things today and I’m cooking again, life doesn’t get much better then this.


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2 Comments on “150 People… Well That Was Easy”

  1. Grandma October 26, 2010 at 11:55 am #

    Sounds like you are “Spot ON” I love it……….Grandma

  2. leaf52 October 28, 2010 at 8:22 pm #

    If life doesn’t get much better then this, that’s super!

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