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Well ladies and gentlemen, I find that once again it is time for me to share a little bit of knowledge and know-how from the kitchen. This mainly comes up because I was walking down the aisles of the local grocery store and, as normally happens, I wound up in the herbs and spices aisle. I don’t know why I end up in this aisle every time I’m in the grocery store, maybe it’s the smell? I have been noticing more and more lately that all the major spice companies are including a grinder built into the top of their product. I would bet, and since I have seen most of my reader’s spice cabinets I would win that bet, that you all have at least one of these containers right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a fantastic idea, and in fact the more, I’m in a kitchen I find that I prefer fresh ground spices to the bulk pre-ground ones. It comes back to smell again, and I say this because fresh ground spices just smell better to me and I think they provide more of a fresh flavor. I think most people would agree with me, in or out of a restaurant. Restaurants even recognize this by offering fresh ground pepper.

This brings us to the point I have been walking around. How can the home cook, or even a professional chef, get that fresh ground flavor from their own spices? Well if you still live in a cave, or just would rather tire yourself out, you can use a mortar and pestle, which are great for making dishes like guacamole and pesto, but if I’m going to grind spices I like to use a simple spice grinder.

Take this one to my text’s right for an example. It’s simple and cheap, but more importantly than this, it gets the job done. It has a single push button starter that can’t be operated unless the top is on for safety purposes. The top is also clear and allows the user to see when all the spice has been ground. Ok, Ok, you caught me, yes it’s just a coffee grinder. But, hey, it works just as well and is far cheaper than the exclusive spice grinders. *Important Note: Have different grinders for your spices and coffee!*

So really what this all comes down to is that while the major companies are putting the grinders into the tops of their products now, this is an easy and cheap little kitchen gadget that will pay for itself over time. Think about it this way, if you buy a grinder you can in turn buy your spices in bulk whole or raw, and grind them fresh as you need them. As long as you store the reaming bulk spice in a cool, dry, and dark space they will keep fresh and potent far longer than it’s already ground counterpart.

So think about it and do your nose a favor. Get yourself a spice, ah hem, coffee grinder, and start saving some money. You will taste the difference in your cooking, and if nothing else personalized ground spice jars are easy gifts around the holidays.


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