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The Tattooed Chef

I noticed something interesting a while ago, but the Halloween tattoo party up here in Montpelier last weekend really made me think about it more. Chefs, or at least the new generation of chefs, are tattooed. Myself included with this statistic. I have to look around campus pretty hard to find a person who doesn’t have a tattoo, or who is not in the planning stages of getting a tattoo. I don’t know what it is about us but I would say that the students with tattoos out-way the students without tattoos.

For me, tattooing is something that I did long before I came to this school, and will be something that I continue to do long after I have graduated from school. I am personally very passionate about tattoos and enjoy getting new ink on myself whenever the idea for a new one strikes me. So why else do people get tattoos?

Touching back on Halloween and the tattoo party, I walk in the door with some friends and see that all but 2 people already getting tattoos are other students or even the faculty. I went with people from school getting their first tattoo, and people talking to the artist about getting another tattoo. What I find funny is that of all the places I could think of for a culinary school would have a community tie, a tattoo shop would not be high up if on the list at all. The school actually has a very close tie to this tattoo shop and almost everyone goes here.

Here is another fun note, as students or chefs we get culinary tattoos. One of my  friends was getting a bag of popcorn added to his food collage arm. Another one got the molecular structure of salt. Tattoos are even talked about in some of our academic classes, mostly about how being around so many students and other teachers with tattoos have influenced and changed people’s minds about how they look at tattoos.

In my Written Expression class we just finished our research paper assignments, and having been given free topic choice, I chose to write my research paper on the history and culture of tattooing. I have linked it here if you would like to learn a bit more about how the views of tattoos have changed over the 5000 year history of tattooing.

Ok, so I know this post is a little bit different from the type or style of post that I normally make. But it was something that was on my mind, and just thought I would share it with you all. Since this blog is more about me and my time up here at NECI and my life, I thought you would like a glimpse into life outside of school.


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2 Comments on “The Tattooed Chef”

  1. leaf52 November 6, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    I look forward to reading your paper. Can you add a pic of the tattoo shop? I too have noticed new chefs have lots of tattoos. And it is not just in Vermont; there were tons w/ tattoos at the Culinary Institute in Johnson County when I visited there. Maybe chefs are just more open creative people than ‘normal’ people? Also good to be aware that some older restaurant customers (think grandparents) might still view tattoos with suspicion instead of as art. And yet, youth have always loosened boundaries of the ‘status quo’ too, so perhaps this is an area where chefs can help pave the way.

  2. Cre November 6, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    Any new plans for tattoos? I love the last one you got (the mario mushroom one). Glad your expressing yourself, hope to see you for thanksgiving!

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