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You Might Be a Culinary Student If…

…When going around any corner you shout “corner”

…You see a person in Chef Whites and think oh they are in their Street Clothes

…You don’t take offense when someone says “hot behind”

…The smell of old grease turns you on

…You can iron a whole weeks worth of chef whites in a night

…You sit down to watch food network and yell at the TV chefs for getting it wrong

…You have nightmares about walking in to the kitchen in your underwear.

…You what the 101 folds on a Toque mean

…You can get cuts and burns and not find out about it until well afterward

…You spend your day making jokes about cutlery

…You have ever had to duck from a frying pan

…When someone says “I’m so hungry I could eat my own arm” and you start thinking up recipes

…You have a pet yeast

…You have names for all your knives

…you know the movie “Waiting” could actually happen

…You bump elbows because high fives are not sanitary

…FAT TOM is more then just a next door neighbor

…You get sent home for NOT bringing a knife to school

…You have ever asked someone to try your Seiten

Keep it going everyone!


…When pulled over by a police officer on your way home and you say yes chef to them (I’m looking at you here Jewel)

When in public and someone bumps into you from behind, you get upset because the didn’t say “behind”


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