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Goodbye for Now NECI…Hello Jupiter Island!

My time here at NECI for my first year is coming to a close in 16 short hours from the time I write this post. I have very mixed feelings about leaving, on the one hand I know that I will be coming back in June of 2011 for mods 3 and 4, on the other hand I’m saying goodbye to a lot of good friends. In some cases for the last time. The friends I have made that are mod 5 and 6 students will have graduated by the time I get back, and all of the other friends I have that will be leaving after me I won’t see until July. So I’m a little sad to go.

NECI and the way that it is set up with classes is a crazy ride, a lot like the ones you find at a carnival. You get on and it lurches out of the gates picking up speed; twist and turns, ups and downs, bumping into the people around you the whole ride. In the end the ride stops and you have to get off and get in the line for the next ride. I have loved my time up here in Vermont, and even though the ride can be a little scary and nerve-racking from time to time it is by far the best ride that I have been on so far.

As I said before I’m sad, but I’m also very happy and excited to be leaving NECI, because that means I’m going to be starting my internship very soon. While everyone is freezing in the snowy winter of VT I’ll be in Florida at Jupiter Island. I know poor me right, beaches and sun in a FL winter, I have it so hard….! What I will be doing day-to-day I don’t exactly know yet. I do know I will be cooking and learning.

I have to run to my last History and Culture class now, and then it’s a night of goodbyes and sleep before I hit the road back home to Kansas and then a few days later down to FL. For everyone who I may not get to say goodbye to, if I won’t see you again it’s been fantastic getting to know you. For everyone else I’ll see you in 6-7 months.

Stay tuned chef fans more adventures are just around the bend, next stop Jupiter Island FL!!!


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