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The War of the Rice

They placed me back in the staff kitchen today to train one of my fellow interns in how it’s run, set up and done. Little did they know that we both went in with an agenda of not serving any rice at all, for both lunch and dinner. Over lunch we had a few people comment how they were glad to see something other than rice on the line. I even had one lady who said she had heard the same comments of “really rice again, all we have is rice” from her co-workers outside of the kitchen staff. MUHAHA I am vindicated! I am slowly gathering followers to my anti-rice cause.

Lunch was mostly a reheat of the leftovers that needed to be used, so there was one rice dish in the mix that was a combination of beef and veggies in an Asian style sauce. This rice dish was barely touched, but we ended up going through two pans of mashed potatoes. For dinner tonight we have planned roasted red bliss potatoes, and by request of my fellow intern I made cheese corn in place of the normal steamed vegetables.

I actually had a lot of fun today, or I have so far. I’m pulling a double of lunch and dinner with about an hour and a half break in between the times. I treated my fellow intern the same way I was treated my first few times in the staff kitchen. I showed him how everything was set up and where our stuff was kept. We also talked over menu items and how to plan for the number of people we would have. I was a little hands-off and really tried to let him lead the way as he is going to start in staff kitchen by himself, and I only stepped in to provide direction when I thought it was valid to do so.

While the Rice War still rages on, and I am far from winning the war. I have won a battle today and as I slowly gather my forces I can see a glimmer of hope. (ripping off/ miss quoting/ borrowing from Martin Luther King Jr. here) “I have a dream that one day this kitchen will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these foods to be delicious: that all starches are created equal!”

Still working on part two of the word tour of Jupiter Island, but until then, see you later Chef Fans!


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One Comment on “The War of the Rice”

  1. Tori January 9, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    You still have to make me cheese corn….
    Anyway- glad you won the battle at lunch! Hopefully you will at dinner, too. Maybe by the time you are done at Jupiter they will be serving a variety of starches. Or at least cutting back and only having rice a couple times a week.
    Oh and yaaay! The fact that you’re training people means you know the job really well and they trust you. 🙂

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