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It’s Wabbit Season….

Alright, as most of you may have read from the last time I posted I ordered some new knives and a new knife bag for myself. I will gladly show you all pictures of them here in a sentence or two more. First thing first, however, I want to report on my adventures of “Wabbit Hunting”. I had asked chef for a while to get in some rabbit because I wanted to work with it and see what it tastes like because I had never tried it before. Let me just say that I now completely under stand Elmer Fudd.

Most of you may remember my Meat Fab class in Mod 2 and how we had to keep a journal of all the parts of things we had broken down/used for that class. One of the things about this journal is that it can always grow and expand with more information and recipes that we have learned or used to cook that animal, and I have done that with my own journal to include rabbit. Since the journal itself is linked to in the other post, and it’s rather long, I have taken the information on rabbit and how we prepared it this time and presented it below.

Alright alright so I keep saying that I have stuff below and then I keep typing. Silly of me, right? Well that just because it’s school stuff and I’m on internship right now, so why put school in front of the fun goings on that have also been happening? Like For example today (03/06/2011) I was taken out to brunch along with the other interns to The Breakers, Palm Beach and along the way to and back we got a tour of where some big name people live. Who you ask? Donald Trump ring any bells?

Ok it’s “below” now so it’s time for pictures and Wabbit steps/info. First on to the new knives and bag to carry it all in!

This first knife of mine is made by Yoshihiro, and is a Deba. I use this bad little guy for breaking down whole fish and since it is a single edge blade it works very well for pressing against the spin/bones of a fist without cutting into the meat.

The next knife that you below is called Yanagi and is a Sashimi  Knife that is 9.5 inches long. That’s just the blade length mind you. Like the Deba it is a single-edged knife that I use for filleting the skin off the meat of the fish. It also comes with a nice wooden Saya (cover).

Next up on the cutting board: my new knife bag.

and the back of the bag…

What is in its pockets?Why I think that is my mandolin and tools, maybe also my notepads and extra pen. The two pockets that you can’t see in this picture are below the other two on the front and as of now I have bandaids in one and nothing else in the other… this is the first of the 3 zipper pockets that make up the bags storage. In this pocket I keep my 8″ chef knife, Meat Fork, Fish Spatula as well as a full other side of more long pockets. You can see that there is a protective “tarp like” textured flap that covers the other side. This is repeated again in the center pocket as well. The “inside” section contains from Left to Right: Slicer, Bread Knife, Rubber Heat Resistant Spatula, Cake Spatula.

This is the middle compartment and I have it broken into to halves. The right half is my go-to tools that I pull out as the need arises, also know as my 10″ Chefs Knife, 6″ angled Utility Knife, my Parring Knife, and finally my Santoku. The left side is my Butchery Knives collection. You can see my new Yanagi in its Saya, my Fish Utility Knife, Boning Knife (yes I know it isn’t in a cover, but I don’t have one that will work with the Deba so I stole my Boning Knive’s cover) Last we come to my new Deba….The last of the 3 pockets is actually 3 mesh pockets with zippers to hold different small tools. I also have some of my longer tools like my tongs and steel. See how many tools you can find….I spy a Clam Knife, and…I also spy a set of pliers, and a ribbon zester.

That Brings us to the end of the new toys and a brief slide show I would like to call “What’s in a Culinary Student’s Bag?” Yes, my bag is orange, I am fully aware of that fact. Orange is cool and it helps prevent scurvy…

That means that it is finally Wabbit Season! (Veterinarians and rabbit lovers you have been warned)….

Breakdown of the Rabbit carcass

  1. Remove Heart, Kidney, and Liver and set aside in a usable scraps container
  2. Follow Breakdown of a Chicken Wing on front legs
  • De-bone or use with bone in as per recipe.
  1. Cut between the 11th and 12th rib to sperate the “saddle” primal
  • Rib cage is good to be saved for stock as it doesn’t have any meat worth removing
  • The spine should be removed as well just like removing the spine from a flat fish (working against the spine but leaving the meat whole)
  1. Remove the spine from the hip
  2. Bone out the hip and then split into Statler Style breast but French the leg of the rabbit leading to the thigh meat
  3. Tasting comments
  • Rabbit is very light in flavor like chicken but has ¼ of the gamey flavor of duck

Recipe for how we cooked the rabbit:

  • Marinate: (for both the Leg “breast” and the saddle meat)
  • i.      Lay the rabbit down flat  in pan and add in
  • ii.      ¼ cup oregano
  • iii.      1 cup crushed garlic
  • iv.      6 whole shallots cut to a small rough chop
  • v.      White wine to cover
  • vi.      Marinate for 12 hours
  • Prepare:
  • i.      Grind the leg meat, kidneys, liver, heart, and 1 cup processed fois gras in a large and then medium meat grinder
  • ii.      Add pickling salt, white pepper, and Chinese 5 spice
  • iii.      brandy, white wine, and port
  • iv.      Put into mixing bowl with 2 eggs, salt, white pepper, thyme, and brandy, white wine, and port
  • v.      Cube bread (fresh white) to medium dice, soak in milk
  • 1.       Once absorbed, add to and mix with meat mixture
  • Stuff:
  • i.      Lay down caul fat
  • ii.      Put down saddle meat and stuff with force-meat mixture
  • iii.      Fold close and then roll in the caul fat
  • iv.      Sear and then Roast until 155 (carrying over the full 10 Degrees while resting to 165)
  • Sauce:
  • i.      Sauté all the bones with salt, pepper, and oregano
  • ii.      Toss in shallots and roast them in oven until they are golden brown
  • iii.      Deglaze with white wine and chicken stock
  • iv.      Remove solids and discard.
  • v.      Let reduce until you have a Demi Glace
  • vi.      Finnish with Stone ground mustard
  • Leg Cooking method:
  • i.      Remove from Marinade and Sautee with a little bit of butter
  • Plate up:
  • i.      Place risotto cake in center of plate
  • ii.      Slice 3 rounds of stuffed saddle and shingled down left of risotto cake
  • iii.      Cut leg meat on bias and shingled down right side of risotto cake
  • iv.      Drape wilted spinach down back of risotto cake
  • v.      Top with carrots
  • vi.      Sauce plate.

That is what I’m talking about! Rabbit is very good and I will be learning new things to do with them but this little tasty dish is now wrapped inside my notebook of recipes. Rabbit is not the only think that I have seen this done with. Chef has also done the same thing with a whole Duck… Yeah that project and a French Master Chefs Duck Confit recipe will be mine at work tomorrow.

For now Chef Fans it’s been fun and I’m glad to be back and catching up on my work load. Until next time keep your fish hooks baited and your knives sharp and maybe someday we to can be as good as this guy…

The Fish Butcher


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2 Comments on “It’s Wabbit Season….”

  1. Tori March 6, 2011 at 11:45 pm #

    Mmmm. The rabbit looks really good. We’ll have to get some so I can try! Love the knives and the orange bag. 😀

  2. Grandma March 7, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    I love it you are having so much fun. We are going to have to fix rabbit. I had some years ago, and it was very dry, (i fixed it, not knowing exactly how, so you know where the problem lay.)

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