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Goals in Review

As my time down here in Florida is now officially less than a month away I find myself looking forward to going back home to Kansas for a month before I once again head off to Vermont to complete my French Classic Cuisine class. I still have aways to go before the end but that is just it the end is in sight now, and that means that it is time to finish the chapters or post that I have been working on since I started down here. A lot of the post you see I have also had to think about and create or at least parts of post, for school work but I have tried to stick with my style.  As it is close to the end I have been reflecting back on the goals I set for myself down here. For my Chef fans who don’t really care about this kind of thing please stay tuned as I will be posting many more things in the weeks to come as I get them finished up. Everyone still reading enjoy… The  old Goals can be found there…


1.       I will write a post on my E-portfolio 3 times a week to reflect and reinforce what I have learned.

Sadly this goal I have not been able to meet or keep up with. I did not have the time or frankly the energy that I needed to meet this goal. While I have lots of post Ideas that I am working on and still trying to figure out how to post the fact remains that I have not and did not post 3 times a week.

2.       I would like to work on my communication skills as a professional, learning how to approach situations, and how decisions are made on the line in a split second. I will work with my chef in our feedback times and talk over kitchen management skills to improve my decision-making. I will keep a notebook of these conversations and decisions made to reference back and aid in my kitchen management development.

I feel that my communication skills have improved in both quick thinking aspects more importantly I have learned how to filter myself. While there are many times when I wish I could say what I was really thinking I know that I would get in to a lot of trouble or just cause more problems by this. As for keeping a notebook, of conversations with my Chef I started to keep one but it got filled so quickly, and the feedback was on the spot and we only sate down one time.

3.       My third goal is to work on my perceived kitchen presence, learning how to integrate into a kitchen smoothly.  I will ask my chef for bi-monthly feedback so that I may adjust and work to improve my kitchen awareness, and presence.

As I got more involved in the kitchen and became part of the team my kitchen presence was felt and in some cases greatly appraised. It always feels good to be told “thank you very much for your great hard work today.” Once again feedback came on the spot and there was only the time of my 60 day evaluation that I actually sat down with my Chef.


1.       To keep track daily of how long it takes me to complete my prep list, so that I can track my efficiency, and my improvement. I will also note areas that take longer so that I can work on improving my efficiency with these areas.

I feel very confident in this goal being completed. I can see and tell that I am much faster than when I first started.

2.       I will create a personal list each day of internship and personal tasks, to help myself with organization, and to make certain that I have completed everything and that I stay on track with my goals.

This list has been both the bane and blessing of my time down on internship. I stress more as it gets longer but It has helped keep me on task so many times that without it I would have been lost on what I needed to actually do.

3.       I will set aside an hour a day to focus on my online class work so that I can balance internship work and school assignments.

This goal has turned out to be a god and a bad thing. It’s good that I set the time aside as it gives me time to work on the online class work, but it’s bad because my online classes didn’t start until I was already 2 months into my internship, this hour a day for the first two months was used for other tasks.


1.       To work with my internship chef once per week discussing why a recipe sells so well, to increases my understanding of taste and flavor parings, as well as menu creation, so that I can develop my own repertoire of  recipes.

I have loved doing this, because it has been a lot of fun. I have even created a full menu with the stipulation of it had to pair with one wine and one cheese. I did this just to challenge myself and from the feedback I got I feel that the dishes would be very good.

2.       Each week I will pick a knife cut and spend one hour a day on practicing that knife cut so that I can increases my speed and proficiency with that particular knife cut. I will rotate through all of the knife cuts before repeating my practice with a knife cut.

I didn’t so much as get to pick the knife cut as the knife cut was picked for me each day. While I may not have spent an hour every day each week on the same knife cut. I have spent so much time working on the same knife skills that I feel very comfortable with my knives and the cuts that I would be asked to use.  While my knife skills are not perfect I have also seen my Chef cut himself so I know that we will never be perfect but just very close to it in his case, and getting much better in mine.

3.       I will spend an hour a day reading over recipes and station layouts of the kitchen I’m in, to reinforce the need to progress, and help me have a better understanding of what I can be move forward to.

This goal has been very easy for me to keep up with and very fun as well because I have enjoyed reading. The reason this goal was so easy to keep up with is because there is almost nothing to do when we are not in work unless we want to drive off the island.


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2 Comments on “Goals in Review”

  1. leaf52 April 1, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

    Thank for the update, I’d been wondering how you were doing against your goals, so it was nice to see this review. Some of this looked new but maybe I just don’t remember them correctly. I know I thought when I read them that they seemed very ambitious! Still, it seems like you focused on the right things. Anything you will do differently for goals for next internship?
    PS-nice to hear u are looking forward to being home. 🙂 I am too!

    • Grant Klover April 1, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

      Next internship goals are on hold for now. My next adventure awaits back at NECI for Mods 3&4.

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