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Four!!!!(part 3)

This is another part in the story that will be a virtual word tour for my internship site. You however are in the middle of the story if you want to start from the beginning you can fallow the link to the first post called Fire! (Part 1)

So everyone hop on The golf cart and we will go tearing out of the parking lot at blazing speed of about 5 mph. Alright, so it’s not that fast, but you know what? It works. As I said before, the road around the main club is a big one way U so go out past the dorms and take a left. You will see a set of large oval mirrors that are really handy for seeing around the corners, because you really can’t see with the privacy hedges in place. When we get to this mirror we will take another left and cart down a street that runs in front of the police station on the right and the golf course on the left. As we get past the police station we go down a small hill leading in front of the golf pro shop and tennis pro shops but before we round the corner to go to the member entrance or front of the golf house we are going to stop at the back or kitchen entrance. This is right across from the tennis pro shop and besides just being a parking spot in front of a yellow set of fences. The fence in front of us and to the right looking at the back door is to cover up a dumpster, this must be a very dangers dumpster to be blocked off and fenced in. The second fence hides the AC units from view as well as the golf houses used oil tank. The back door itself is once again a screen door, but is painted white with wooden vertical slats. This is tucked into a little alcove and has a chair and table storage closet to its right. You will also probably notice a little yellow box that looks like an electrical box, and it kind of is one as it holds a time clock for the people who are working down here each day. With this we now enter the golf house, home of lunch and many a party and buffets. Also the sight of plantings and stabbings, watch out now we are entering the dangerous part of the tour now…

Ok so no-one was actually stabbed here and it’s not any more dangerous than any of the other kitchens but it is always a fast-paced hurry-up-and-wait kind of time down here. I’m told that they serve lunch, and I know that I have prepped items for lunch down here but, truth be told I have never worked lunch here. Besides lunch, this is our second place to have large buffets and parties.  You could call the golf house the party house, with all sort of crazy adventures happening all the time, like ice cream trucks and pizza. Please keep this in mind as we enter into the golf house. When we enter you will see a small walkway that leads to another door frame and this leads me to think that this was the entrance to the golf house at some point but it was remodel to make this hallway, yeah that sounds good, let’s spend a bunch of money to add-on a hallway here, it will go better with the flow of the place…

Since we are past the strange little extra doorway, just there on our left we have the storage room. It is used to hold all the extra dry goods and paper products that might be needed down here, as well as chaffers, heat lamps and sterno fuel. If you really want you can find all sorts of coffee and teas, as well as sugars if you happen to have a sweet tooth, just watch out for the plants that grow in pots in the back, I hear that at night they eat the sugar, so they might come after you poltergeist style if you take any of their stock. Now we are looking down another hallway all painted white with wooden vertical slats, as the whole kitchen is decorated the same. And you will also notice that it’s an old brick colored tile floor with black grout. On the right side of the hallway is a wire cage that holds all the breakers and electrical boxes. Why they need to be caged up is mystery to me, but maybe it is to keep us safe from them. Under the cages is a wheel cart and dirty apron and towels hamper. On the left side of the hall are two door frames, the same as the rest of the walls. These are the bathrooms and to say they are small is an understatement, they are maybe 4 feet wide by 9 feet deep. Keep in mind that there is still a sink about half way down the long wall, and should you need to sit down it is right in front of your face. If they turned the lights out there is a small slit where the door doesn’t quite meet the ground, so it’s like a solitary confinement cell. Hurry up now, because the stragglers’ will get locked inside…

Alright, so, two more tourists down, I mean locked away in the solitary bathrooms… I mean, ah, yes, the pantry; but wait where is the hot line and dish pit? If you look up to the top left about halfway down the wall on the left you will see another of the oval reflective mirrors like out on the street we turned left on to come down here. But this one looks over the hotline and if you stand just right you can also see the dish pit behind the hot line. The kitchen is shaped like fallen over “L” with the corner being the server station. There are 4 sets of doors in the kitchen that lead out into the bar and sitting room; one on the pantry end where we are now, and another set on the hot line side of the kitchen that leads to the server station and indoor dining area. We will get to all of this very soon, but for now let’s stick with the pantry area. This area is basically a big square that opens up at the end of the bathroom, and electrical hallway. I will work my way around the pantry area starting on the right. It’s been a long post, I mean tour so these little directions help to shape the mind…Anyways on our right is the entrance to our panic room or bomb shelter, but unlike the other walk-in’s back up at the main club this is old and the foundation has settled so the door now opens in a downward angle, so thus it has cut an arc into the tile floor. This means the door only opens about a half to three-quarters of the way and this makes it very fun to get things in and out. The floor is concrete but does have a drain in it so that water can get out. That is why I call it a panic room or bomb shelter, because that is what it was at first I think, the club has been around through a few wars… Now outside the panic room up against the wall and under the window AC unit is a metal counter top table used for prep and holding sixth pans and the like that the pantry station might need underneath on an under-counter shelf. This is pressed up against a double floor-to-ceiling door refrigerator that is used to hold any quick need pantry items or extra backups in service so you don’t have to walk the 10 feet to the panic room. On the other side of this refrigerator is the corner of the pantry square and a dangerous little counter top. First it has a meat slicer directly under the paper towel dispenser almost asking for a mistake to happen. On top of that there are long shelves that run the length of the square length to the left. This same counter top also has a sink right next to electrical outlets, look it’s just there in-between the soap and hand sanitizer. You will see drawers under the meat slicer and the other side of the sink and this is used to hold tools for the pantry station, or extra menus. Under the counter is just-add-water sanitizer wipes, and extra oil and vinegars. No, not on the same shelf, but that fish tub you see next to the sanitizer wipes is softened butter, it’s ok it has the lid on. See…? We are now looking at a little green podium where the important papers are stored, but it’s always locked so I didn’t tell you that.  On this little half wall hanging right next to the green locked podium is the phone and club contact extensions. This is where the hot and cold side blend, but directly across from us is the pantry side of the “L” exit door to the front of the golf house, and as you can see it is, again, down a narrow hallway. Watch your elbows or knuckles if you are running food out of this door. Oh, and speaking of the kitchen doors they are all on two-way hinges and have windows in them but people never look when they are going in and out, and almost never use the right door so you never know when it’s going to open in and smack you in the face…Before we take a step out from behind the line I want to point out that it has a smaller garde manager lowboy than the main club. But, it still has the shelves and ticket machine. On the left is a conveyor belt toaster that’s always eating a tray of bacon or wearing it as a hat when I’m down here. This is on a table that was right in front of us as we walked out of the panic room.  Walking out from behind the pantry we see a long table that has boxes of chips, to-go containers and other such things under it. This table is the pantry runner’s staging area, and directly behind this are our two industrial sized ice machines. The right one makes crushed iced that we come to get from all over the club, for things like oysters or clams at the beach club, or the crab and shrimp cocktails at the main club. We also use this ice any time we have a seafood buffet set up. The left is just a normal every day ice machine that no one really cares about so it’s always crying and getting water all over the floor. This area is set a little lower and has a drain in front of it, so I assume that the ice machines are vampires and because they are walled in and the drain is a source of running water they can’t cross, thus keeping them locked away and powerless. Why else would we have a shelf with a wooden paddle spear to stab them with, or the ice scoop made of silver? Completing the bottom leg of the pantry square with our vampire ice machines we come to the pantries entrance door from the bar and sitting or cocktail lounge.  On this wall is a large cork board that has posted announcements, party and banquets events, they are even nice enough to post the guard work roster, and inmate lists on this board…

Turning around and walking back into what you could call the corner, or heart, of the “L” shape to the golf house kitchen, we are standing by the phone and on our left is the all seeing mirror in the sky. Under this mirror is a double door refrigerator and next to this starts the set of metal tables and counter tops that run around the outside of the kitchen wall. This first one on the same wall is mostly used for kitchen spices in the shelves above the counter top, and a sink whose handles turn both ways and don’t really have an off position to them. This runs up to the bread warmer for the servers and another single door refrigerator that they use to hold cream and butters that they might need. This is in the corner, and like I said there is another counter top that runs along the other far wall. This counter top holds coffee makers on the far end and as we get closer to the server’s refrigerator we come to another sink and a microwave. The shelves above hold small plates, cups, and goblets, and under this counter are stored plates for service and water pitchers. This has brought us to the server’s linen hamper for dirty linens and also to the hot line’s exit and entry kitchen doors. This little open area is flanked by a stack or two of glasses, and also a dish room that is stacked on one side by glass racks and the other side is the dirty dish window. Why this has to have a whole room to itself is beyond me, but it just does. If you jostle someone the wrong way you could wind up with knives in your face as they fall off plates. This open room and wall section in front of the dirty dish drop off always has a wheel car that is used to put trays on as well as dirty dishes for buffets if the dish window is overloaded. The dish pit here in the golf house is a dark and foreboding place, but is the most convenient of any of the dish pits that we have or will see on this tour. Like all of the others the dish machines it runs along the wall from the dish drop off window. The clean dish part of the machine runs to the three bay sink at the other end of the line. This is left with a small gap and a table for them to put cutting boards and clean trays under, and clean dishes to be put away on top of. We are now ready to enter the center feature of this kitchen and, as always, it is the hot line. Entering from the three bay sink of the dish pit part we have a triple floor to ceiling refrigerator for the hot line to use during lunch. There is then a brick wall that separates the dish pit and the hot line from one another. Here is where we will find a long lowboy station to hold all of the hot line’s items before they hit the grill and then the countertop for plate-ups. The steam table is missing, but we still have the death trap of spiky doom hanging above our head, aka the tool rack. Like at the other windows, the hot line guy sends his food out from directly in front of this counter top, and like the main club can get into the plate warmer from his side of line and load it from the outside of the line. After the plate warmers and hotline window comes a small wheel based table that holds a Panini toaster and space to prep. This brings us to the end of the front part of the hot line, so please direct your attention back to the wall that separates the hot line from the refrigerator. This end of the hot line is set up with a free-standing grill. We then come to a small flattop that has a two burner range on its right side making it smaller than it really should be, but above the whole thing is a larger than needed salamander broiler. This has an oven under the flattop and then we have an open air split for a French style flattop range, and then we get to the actual 6 burner range. This has an oven under it just like the flattop area but just a few extra shelves for things like sizzle pans and bacon, because everyone loves bacon. Before we get to the end of the line we have a fryer and an honest to god butcher’s block, which is a pain to move out-of-the-way if we have to put a speed rack here for a buffet because of how heavy it is. Back around to the front of the hot line we see a table top soup warmer on one side of the hot line window and an expo station on the dish pit side. Now before anyone gets eaten by the vampire ice machines or gets taken by the plants from the back store-room, let’s go out front through the hot line doors around the corner by the dark and gloomy dish pit.

Walking out into the server area from the kitchen reveals a small little cubby that holds three closets, two counters for silverware, a multitude of shelves, and an ice cream freezer. The closets are all used to hold different things, the closet behind and to the right of us as we exit the kitchen is a dark foreboding place that the plants have taken over control of.  Then we have a small wooden room divider and a floating island wall with one of the silverware counters. The ice cream freezer is on our left as we exit with the next counter and then both closets before we empty out into the main dining area. The first closet is for linen and tablecloths, and the second closet is where they hide one of the two server computers. Entering the main dining room is walking onto green carpet in a square room that has ever-moving tables, or no tables at all depending on what is going on down here at the time. I have seen this room become a den of gambling on casino night, or where the rulers of the world meet to play bridge every two weeks and talk about what is happening in the world at that time over the prime rib we serve them. This whole area leads up to a sliding glass door wall. Every section of this courtyard wall can and has been opened, but this is not all there is to this area. Aside from the square we have a long hallway that is also set with tables or other items for the night’s parties. This hallway leads to a lavish work room divider that comes flush with the courtyard walls to make for a bar lounge area. This area we will get to in a moment, but first I want to walk you out into the courtyard and have you see around the golf house courtyard. This whole area is really a big patio that can have, and has had, a tent covering it and an ice cream truck parked in it. The far side is for the golf-pro rest area, and it is also sometimes turned into a grill station for lunch on Mondays when the main golf house kitchen is closed. This patio extends all the way out to the putting green and first hole of the golf course, and so it has a small golf cart road between the patio and the green itself. All the way across the patio is the golf leader board and golf pro shop wall. This area is covered and leads to a covered arch way that has both the entrance to the golf pro shop and member’s bathrooms. This covered arch way is the true entrance into the golf house and also where the sliding glass door wall starts. Now, if you will all join me by going through the only glass wall that doesn’t move into the front or lounge area we can see the bar and trophy case of the club’s golf tournaments. This area has a big picture window that lets you see out into the parking lot. As I said before this is the bar, and should it get too wild in here the bar tender can bring out his clubs, no really look up at the ceiling and the chandelier if you would please. Should a drunken golf or bridge player start a riot, the anti-riot chandelier is lowered and starts spinning clubbing people repeatedly. It’s actually in a safe position as it stands now but before it goes off let’s make our escape out the front.

Having escaped the anti-riot chandelier let’s take a moment to regroup out front of the golf house before trekking back around the bushes to where we parked the golf cart. You can see the arch roof over the golf shop and member’s bathrooms as well as inside to the bar area with its fire-place and anti-riot chandelier. As we come to the end of the parking lot please be careful as the bushes and curves of the road make it very hard to not get hit by a speeding golf cart. If you manage to frogger your way across the street you will see the tennis pro shop and the main tennis court. We will be taking the golf cart down the inner club lot. You will see up to the 18th hole with, if you look closely, its wind cannon to “cool off the green”.  We are now in carnival land where once a year this whole lot and croquet court and circle drive  are covered in outdoor tables and chairs along with the theater which plays old-time movies and we go once a month for our clockwork orange video times, or all-employee meetings as they like to call them. You can also see a small playground for the little ones; they have the swings pointed to the inland waterway so if one rambunctious youngster jumps off far enough he will be swimming… We are also golf carting past the marina and taking a left up Estrada road past the main club to the main intersection of the club. You can see bamboo and the entrance to the kitchen service road down the left and members’ only area shops and houses down the left. We will be going straight past the second golf courses and member’s cottages on our left and right respectfully, and now we come to the main traffic way down the island, and cross traffic does not stop so please come to a stop. Straight ahead you can see up to more members’ cottages, and looking right, or south, down Beach Road you will see a member’s cottage in red on the right side of the street. The left side of the street has a sidewalk leading up to the beach club’s service road, and a ways more down where you see the green signs is the members’ entrance to the beach club, spa, and snack bar. We will be turning in and driving around the beach club’s circle drive entrance and then back down to drive in front of the spa, and finally up a little golf cart only service road that leads up to the snack bar. We can only drive past this area and can’t get out and look around because secret service drones will sniper us dead on the spot should we get off the golf cart out here. Let’s go to the snack bar where we had better notch it up and get ready to feel the rush.

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