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It’s Been A Long Time in the Making…

Hello Chef Fans!!!

Alright so I know that this has been a long time coming and that it is also not two parts but now a four-part tour around the club. I did this so that you can read it like chapters in a book, with all of them linking together one from the next so that you can read it a part at a time, and also so it is not a giant wall of text that stabs at you from your computer screen…

I had a lot of fun making this and even tho I may exaggerate or poke fun at a lot of things, this place became my home and still is my home to this point. Some of that I will miss other parts of it I wont but it’s all about to end anyways so it’s time I finished the tour and gave it all to you…

I think when last we left our hero he had just escaped the Overlords of the HR buildings cameras and was standing outside amidst a sea of golf carts and laundry bins. This time on the word tour of Jupiter Island Club our hero takes us on a tour of the kitchens and we’ll have to dodge: golf balls, golf carts, chopping blades, and chainsaw wielding ice sculptors. There will be more taupe walls, an explosion or 15 (alright I lied, there are no explosions), a beach club, sharks, the mad house that is the snack bar, and finally our epic conclusion that has yet to be determined. We drop you now back in the shoes of our valiant chef in training… on this Virtual Tour story.

In other news…. I am making a few changes to the site. You all may have noticed a rating system that I have put in place. Please feel free to let me know what you think of the post even if you don’t want to comment on the post.  I’m doing this because; the thought is that I will be posting dishes I cook for friends and family while I’m home and I would like to be rated on them as well as talk about them if you all so wish.


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One Comment on “It’s Been A Long Time in the Making…”

  1. Tori April 23, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    I’m glad you finally finished it! I know how much you’ve been wanting to get it done. As you know, I’ve already read it all and love it. 😀 I can’t wait to see pictures of the food you make for everyone while you’re home, and I expect you to make even more good food for me when you get back to VT. ;p I mean it, though, I’m dying for some good food! I can’t wait to use our kitchen in June…

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