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Travaling, Friends, and Still being a Culinary Student…

Hello Chef fans of all ages and welcome to me being back in Vermont…..*wait wasn’t he just in Florida, or did he go home to Kansas? We are so confused, what happened while you were gone?* Ok, yes, so I know that I have been gone for a bit more than a month and that there has been a ton of things happening to me while I have been away. First though I want to toot my own horn a bit…

This last weekend NECI had a graduation; with everything that goes with it. You know, people walking across the stage getting their degrees and generally being in a great mood about accomplishing a very significant step in life. And the many long speeches being said, this is where it gets cool, well for me at least. One speech contained a few of the better lines from my long ago post “You Might be a Culinary Student If….” Now, because of just getting back to Vermont and not quite being settled in I completely forgot about graduation and did not end up going, but walking back into School Street today for my first day of Classic French Cuisine I got told all about how it was read during the speech. Frankly I was shocked and amazed at this, I still am now as I type this. This little blog post was something that I came up with sitting down in the RA office one night. I made it as a joke and didn’t think anything of it at all. Some people thought it was funny and passed it along to other people but I had no idea that it would have gone as far as it has. I want to thank you, my readers, for making something like this happen. So let’s see if we can’t think of a few more reasons why you might be a culinary student shall we?

-You hear the basement flooded and think, “ahhh man I hope classes are still going on.”

So now let me take you back to a time not too long ago and a drive home…. I left Jupiter Island at 4am and just started driving, what else do you do when you are driving home…. Anyway some point in the day I stopped for lunch and then finally looked down to my phone to see how far I had left to go and saw that I only had 500 some more miles to go. This means that I had gone 800 miles with almost no recollection of time passing, with this thought in my mind I knew I was going to make it home in one day and that my goal that night was the bed waiting for me at my mom’s house. I pulled in front of the street about 1am. I had made a 23 hour drive in a little less than 22 hours, so I did what any person would do, I crashed out and slept.

This was a sleep of ages, I don’t know how long I slept that first night back in town, all I know was that the bed felt like it was made out of angel feathers, and that I had not slept that good in almost 5 months. Then we come to a time of cooking for friends and family, and family friends. It was fun, and relaxing all at the same time, I cooked for anyone from my mom and sister, to a party of 12 that was 4 courses. I surprised myself with what I made for people sometimes on the spur of the moment. Best example I can give you is when I was at my best friend’s apartment and he casually said that he wanted a burger, I was getting ice from his refrigerator at the time and took a mental stock of his ingredients. He didn’t have anything that I could use to make a burger but he did have some other lovely items. I walked out to the living room and informed him that while I could not make in a burger I could use the ham, cheese, waffles (he didn’t have bread in the freezer so I was working with what I saw on hand), and his pancake batter to make a Ham and Cheese Waffle Monte Cristo. Having never had one I set to work making just that. Everyone remembers there first Monte Cristo, and it was love at first bite. Alright, yes I know that it is not the healthiest thing to eat but I had been itching to make one for a long time and given a willing and hungry stomach how could I say no?

The month at home flew by faster than I thought it would and I wasn’t able to visit or see everyone that I wanted to while I was home. But, alas, my time came to an end. So I packed up my car, with everything I had taken with me to Florida, and a few things I picked up from home, and set out with my girlfriend who was kind enough to fly in from Vermont to drive back with me, and my pet yeast. I was worried that if I left him there for any longer he would have more offspring then he could take care of. No, really, my little Yeastamus had 5 kids while he was at home! I was able to find them all good homes where they will be loved and have bread made with them so it wasn’t so bad, but I was running out of people who wanted yeast.

Now I am back In school and starting up the last class of mod 2. Mod 3 starts in July and for now I am seeing a few old faces around school, and jumping back into my studies. Stay fiery Chef Fans, because for the next three weeks I’m going to be speaking French, but in a classical way!


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One Comment on “Travaling, Friends, and Still being a Culinary Student…”

  1. Grandma June 8, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

    Grant, Glad you are back in your enviroment and loving it again. Keep posting to keep me up to date on your activities. Love and hugs, Grandma

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