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Cheese, and a Wine Dinner!!

Hello again Chef Fan’s!

So what have I been up to lately you all ask? Well for the most part I have been in my Flavors of Mediterranean Cuisine or as everyone else calls it Tapas. I am working on a post all about this class so I won’t bother you all with the details here, and we have more important things to talk about today. What could be more important than talking about my most recent class? Cheese and wine!!!

Cheese first then we shall have a taste of wine eh? This past Sunday (07/24/2011) I went out to Shelburne Farms to help out with the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival.  No this is not just a Vermont Cheese Festival but is actually a festival for cheeses from all over the US, and craft beer and wines. What did I do at the festival, well for the most part I helped set up and clean up after seminar’s, along with helping the venders out as much as I could. When I wasn’t doing this I was happily eating or tasting the wares that the friendly vendors had to offer. There where blue’s, cheddar’s, soft, semi-firm, hard, aged, sheep’s, goat’s, and cow milk’s cheeses. I tasted them all and though it pains me to say this the best cheese I tasted all day was a soft creamy goats milk cheese from Wisconsin. If only I had brought some actual cash with me I would have a whole wheel of it tucked safely away in my fridge just waiting to be eaten. The best part about the festival was two-fold; firstly it was sold out and the only way that anyone could get into it from the school was by volunteering and that got you in for free. The second part is that while a lot of the cheese vendors brought there tried and true cheese’s with them, I would say that about half also brought along  experiments of things they wanted feedback on, and these where always worth tasting as you could not get them anywhere else.

Enough about cheese lets start talking about wine! More to the point a wine dinner that I will be helping out with this coming Thursday (07/28/2011). NECI offers or in the past did offer a wine paring dinner, and they are bringing them back with the first one being Thursday. I’m really very excited about getting to help out with the dinner because it is going to be an Escoffier based dinner, put on  Chef Paul Sorgule, AAC (Past Culinary Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Current Vice President for Culinary Education at New England Culinary). This is a double win for me, I get to learn more about Escoffier style cuisine, and help put it all on with a Culinary Olympic Gold Medalist! As for the food itself we are going to be putting out the following menu.

Amuse Bouche
Wild Mushroom Melange with Fromage Blanc from Vermont Butter and Cheese

Fish Course*
Butter Poached Shrimp with Celariac Salad and Shrimp Bisque – Trout Caviar

Translucent Pernot and Candied Fennel with Lime

Daube of Beef with Vermont Smoke and Cure Bacon, Spring Peas, Truffled Potato Purée, and a
Pinot Noir Enhanced
Glace de Viande

Frisee’ Salad with a Vermont Butter and Cheese Chevre’ Custard baked in an Organic Egg Shell, Orange Supremes and a Citrus Vinaigrette

Savarin with Champagne Sorbet and Early Summer Strawberries from Wellspring Farms

Vermont Artisan Coffee —
NECI Blend

* Wines to be selected by
New England Culinary Institute
Wine Educators

For anyone that is going to be in Vermont in time for the dinner and would like to know more information about or come to the dinner itself then you can find all of the information here. Well that is all for now Chef Fan’s please keep reading as Catering and Banquettes is next up on the class list and it should prove to be a nice change of pace….


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2 Comments on “Cheese, and a Wine Dinner!!”

  1. Grandma July 25, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    This sounds wonderful. I know it will all be delicious and you will love it. Enjoy and Bon Appetite’

  2. leaf52 July 26, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    Oooohhhh it all sounds yummy yummy! Wish I lived closer so I could participate!

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