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Oh the Things You Learn…

So this is going to be a fun post or at least I hope it is going to be a fun post. First we are going to talk about the newest class I’m taking and then we are going to talk about how I made a mistake but how maybe something good could come out of this.

New class and new set of homework, is anyone really surprised by this? I didn’t think so, but anyways here we go. My new class is called Catering and Banquets, and besides taking care of any events that go one during the week, be it catering the tours of potential students, or as we are most notable know for, NECI’s Sunday brunch. The homework itself isn’t the mistake I made in fact I rather proud of the work I did for the class. Yes it’s due in two weeks but I wanted to have it done early because I had an idea. Because of all the experience that I got down at JIC I feel that I could pull of the event or an event like it with the crew I listed.

This is where we get to the part about things I just realized that I learned. Don’t ask me how or when I learned them I just know what has to be done and how it has to be done in order to make it work down at JIC. I know how to set up a prep and firing timeline for the event, I know all about passed cocktail receptions and plated dinners. I know how to create a menu for them and how to set a pace for them to flow smoothly. I know all of this because of my internship and the hours I spent doing all of these things without being told the proper titles for them. I learned how to order for events by listing to Chef talk with the inventory manager. How about food cost, and event cost, and per person cost, Grant where did you learn that? I would have to say that when you stair at a BEO (Banquette Event Order) form enough you just start to see the Numbers and put them where they need to go? Like I said I don’t know where I learned this stuff but I know how to do it so I did.

Now my mistake… Some or most of you may not know that I am the VP of Student Affairs for the Student Council and part of my responsibility is to come up with events. They can be volunteer events or demo’s of ideas; and if any of you have any ideas of things you would like to see done at school let me know and I will see what I can do about getting it to happen. However with this in mind I sent an e-mail to who I thought was only my Catering and Banquets chef and the faculty representative on the Student Council and also the Student Activities Coordinator. seeing if putting on my event would be a possibility. I this e-mail I also referenced maybe running it as a wine diner and that I might like to bring the idea to Chef Paul Sorgule (the chef I help with the last wine diner, and also culinary gold medalist). Apparently I also e-mailed the idea proposal to Chef Sorgule as well…Oops…

Now for the good news, even though it was just an idea and one that was not constructed to be presented to him yet he is going to read it over and let me know what he thinks and we might be able to work it out…!!…

For now Chef Fan’s that is all the news I have, but stay tuned as I might be presenting a wine diner here soon….


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One Comment on “Oh the Things You Learn…”

  1. Grandma August 5, 2011 at 11:09 am #

    Good Luck in getting to do your wine dinner party. xoxoxoxGma

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