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It’s Almost Primal…

Hello Chef Fans and welcome to Mod 4!

Now most of you probably don’t know this because I didn’t say anything about it, but for all of you who pay attention, then you know that I am in Meat Fab. right now. I have just completed my first week and I really had forgotten just how much fun this class really is. Alright so yes I haven’t learned anything new from year one yet, but that’s not the point. The point is that I am good at cutting up dead animals…

No really I am and I can prove this with my butcher tests that I have to fill out for every cutting project we do in class. Speaking of butcher test cards, it is really funny how after not using or even thinking about one for almost a year I fell back into filling them out, but this year there is a new twist to them! Really I am getting you all excited over nothing as all it is, is a formula to factor in and take account of the varietal cost of the income product. This lets you project what the final outcome of the cutting is going to be without actually having to even pick up a knife.

So what are we doing in Meat Fab, besides not really having enough to do with 10 people in class? Well we are cutting orders for all NECI outlets, we are receiving and shipping orders, we make and test recipes for state inspection, we smoke and cure meats and fish and that is about it… The only new thing that we are doing this year that we didn’t do in Mod 2 is cutting fish.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I really do love this class and have a lot of fun in it, but sadly there just isn’t enough to do. We can’t really do anything to crazy as we have to get the physical parts for it. AKA I want to make blood sausage but we can’t because the School can only get “safe” blood in the amount of 250 gallons, and we just don’t have enough of a demand for blood sausage. This isn’t the schools fault it’s just part of doing  business. Now I may get to try my hand at making potentially the ultimate offal dish… Haggis!

I don’t know if I am going to be able to make it or not but I have asked and I wasn’t told no, so hey lets see what happens. Lets get to the fun part now, The Primal part of the post as it where…. (pun totally intended.) It’s picture time once again Chef Fans, and as per the norm *Vegetarians You Have Been Warned!*

Lets start out where we would start out in the wild…Fish need to be scaled, and you have to be gentle but firm at the same time, wouldn’t want to bruise the flesh now would we…Now NECI get’s fish both head on and off, but in both cases the NECI way of doing it is to take the head off and remove the filets from one side then remove the spine without flipping over the fish. I now know another way to “skin a fish” but honestly I like the JIC way better…I only say this because with the JIC way we didn’t have to do this step here of removing the bones. NECI said that it yields a higher amount doing it their way, but I don’t know if that is 100% the case as they will not let me try it both ways and compare. My question is why else am I doing the butcher test, if not to do just that?…Oh well at the end of the day it’s still a great looking fish, and the next time any of you go fishing I’ll clean and cook your catch for you… For all you Pork Fan’s out in the crowd it’s alright pig is still amazing! If I had my way I would create an Ode to Pig for the last day of class and it would be glorious!

I’m going to go eat a steak now, and I think I’m going to wrap it in bacon…Until next time Chef Fans,


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