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End of Meat Fab AKA Sausage Palooza!

Well Chef Fans we have come to the end of another class, and like the end of all class there was a final project involved. This time however we where cooking for everyone in the cafeteria, in an event we like to call Sausage Palooza! I don’t really know why we call it Sausage Palooza, as we only had one sausage out to serve, but I think it come back to when we would make all sorts of different sausages and serve them to everyone. This time however we wanted to do something a little bit different, and as a group we came up with a menu that we simply called Ode to Pig. our goal was to use as many different parts of the pig as we could without overlapping the cooking/ preparation methods. With that being said we still had to have a seafood dish, but we figured out a way to make it have pork in it!

I present to you our menu and then we will get into the pictures of all that goodness…Before we get to that if you want to see the recipes I used for my dishes then click here.

Appetizer: Crispy Pork Trotter and smoked Ham Hock with stone ground mustard.

Soup: vegan/ normal Split Pea Soup with fried pork cracklings.

Salad: A Bacon Porcini “dirt” with Pig Tail, carrots, brussel sprout leaves, baby turnips, golden beets, goose berries and a lemon rosemary vinaigrette.

Sandwich: Seared Pork Belly, with grain mustard, apple chutney, light carrot slaw, on a focaccia bun.

Seafood: Pan Seared Salmon with white bean ragout, and a Prosciutto chip.

Meat: Southern Plate of Pork 3 ways. Chorizo sausage, and Piedmont ribs over Jowl Salt Pork braised greens, and Gruyere Cheddar grits.

Now we get to the fun part, the pictures! Sadly I didn’t get a picture of a lot of the dishes because I was serving the food and didn’t really have time to take pictures. If I can find a class mate who did take pictures of them then I’ll put them up but for now what I have is what you all get. First we start out with what everyone thinks of first off when you say pork, IT”S BACON!!! fresh from the smoker…Cracklings before they got cut into strips and fried into goodness… Here we have the Trotters and Ham Hocks ground up and mixed with herbs and stone ground mustard all wrapped up and ready to get breaded. this is before they get fired off for service. Yes I borrowed this idea from Chef Michel down at JIC but I told him I was going to and I made this one a differently then he made his, so I’m going to call this my own…. Here we have both the finished log and the cracklings can be seen in the background.Who wants split pea soup? Did I tell you that I made it with pork stock that I used to cook the trotters, and ham hocks… or that it has little bits of braised pork shoulder floating around in it? Did I also forget to say that many people told me it was the best split pea soup they had ever tasted?This is sadly the last picture that I have for you all today, but what a better way to end it then with a southern plate of ribs? These are gentlemen in the picture are the ones responsible for this creation so why not let them be part of the picture as well?

I am now going to be in academics for the next 3 weeks so the post may be a bit erratic/ not as much fun. I am sorry for this but What can I really do its class room work….Until next time chef fans!


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