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A Look at Things to Come…

Well Chef Fan, it is the last week of Academics and I for one am really grateful. I want to be back in the kitchen learning again. All has not been for lost as I do have an early gift for all my chef fans out there. In the next few day I will be uploading “random” smatterings of what I have been doing in my academic classes. I have tried to pick things that my most loyal readers will be grateful for. I will also be posting the results of the survey that you all took, but for now, to my facebook fans, linkedin, google+ thank you! I had 96 people take this survey and I invite you all to post what you had and talk about them. Since I went through the work of typing and costing them all up I will be posting all of the recipes to make the items on the Menu Survey.

You will be seeing them popping up threw out the next week. For now I leave you with a little bit of a late Halloween Joke that I did for my Nutrition class…. Yeah we are just going to go with that….

October 31st, 2011

Dear Newly Converted Zombie,

Let me be the first to welcome you to your new un-life! As a proud zombie for the last century I have been asked many times what we as zombies need to eat in order to live out a healthy un-life. I know that being converted to a rotting corpse who feeds on the flesh of the living can be a shock and take some time to get used to. I am writing you this letter in the hopes of making your ability to eat healthy if not enjoyable. There are two types of zombies you can be; as a zombie you can be a healthy walking terror of the night, or a rotting corpse who stumbles around brainlessly moaning about the pain of your body rotting away from the inside out.

Let us talk first about what you need to look for in your diet, but the good news is that all of vitamins and minerals you need can be found by eating our primary food source, humans.  If you want to be the healthy active terror of the night that we all strive to be then you will need the following vitamins and minerals: protein, iron, zinc, folate, B6, B12 and, calcium. You are also going to need energy nutrients and cell growth in order to live this full and healthy un-life to its fullest. As we are zombies and are not really experiencing cell growth we are going to be looking at these vitamins and minerals to prevent cell decay.

Now for the great news! Just from eating one human a day you will have received your daily recommended serving of all of these vitamins, and minerals. You are going to have to eat the full body, bones and all for this to be the case but remember their strong bones are your strong bones. Let’s look at the facts; all muscle tissue is very high in protein, containing all of the essential amino acids, and in most cases is a good source of zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, niacin, vitamin B6, choline, riboflavin and iron. Several forms of meat are high in vitamin K2, which is only otherwise known to be found in fermented foods. Muscle tissue is very low in carbohydrates and does not contain dietary fiber. So for our Folate needs this is where you get to feast on the Brains, Liver, Kidneys, and Heart. As we talked about before the bones of humans when consumed in chunks by us provide just the right amount of calcium for our bones not to decay and turn brittle. The fat content of meat can vary widely depending on the species and breed of human, the way in which the human was raised, including what it ate, and how active it was. A runner is going to have less fat, where as a football linebacker is going to have a large amount of marbling. Human such as marathon runners are typically leaner than other humans, leading those concerned about fat content to choose them as their human of choice. Most meats contain a full complement of the amino acids required for the zombie diet.  All of the portions and fat itself will provide an excellent source of energy for us to keep going and stop our cells from decaying. 

I really do hope that this has been a help to you and alleviates any of your concerns in regards to our diet of human flesh. Please feel free to contact me as your zombie diet support specialists.


Dr. Zombie Bob

Until Next time Chef fans! Thank you again for your support with the survey the recipes will start popping up soon…


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2 Comments on “A Look at Things to Come…”

  1. Tori November 9, 2011 at 7:38 am #

    I know you haven’t been enjoying your academic classes, but they’re over soooon! 3 days Love. 🙂 And then you move on to plated desserts if I am correct. Yum.

  2. Grandma November 9, 2011 at 11:40 am #

    I love your take on what a Zombie should eat to be healthy.
    Another thing I love about you is your ability to see the “fun” with all the work. Grandma

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