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Recipe Conversion…

Before Jumping right into the recipes I give you the basics of recipe conversion really fast. use this as a loose reference for scaling the recipe up and down. I have already put all (ok well most of them) of my recipes  into oz for you all to help out. remember that cooking is about the taste so use the numbers as a “ruff draft” and please TASTE as you cook and adjust from there.

And now we dive right into it…

Yield- the amount you are trying to make

Unit- the way you are measuring (oz, lb, cup, tsp ect.)

Recipe conversions factor- will now be abbreviated RCF

Conversion Table, (I give you this table because it makes it easier in the long run):

3 tsp = 1Tbls

16 Tbls = 1 Cup

2 Cups = 1 Pint

2 Pints = 1 Quart

4 Quarts = 1 Gallon

1Tbls = .5oz

1 Cup= 8oz

1 Pint = 16oz

1 Quart = 32oz

1 Gallon = 128oz

1lb = 16 oz

Ok now that the information is present let me explain a few things first. When you are converting from one yield to the next yield it is VERY IMPORTANT that you are working with the same unit. If you don’t work in the same unit you WILL get the wrong conversion and the recipe WILL NOT turn out right.

Now starting out the first thing you need to do is figure out how much you want to make, this we call the New Yield.  You also have to figure out how much the recipe current makes, we call this the Old Yield.  To find the RCF you take the New Yield/Old Yield. Once you have found the RCF you multiply this by each ingredient of your recipe and this will give you the new amount you need to use.


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