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Running Head Long Down Hill

Well, Chef Fan’s I have taken a little bit of a break from posting recipes to bring you an update about how classes are going….Frankly I am thankful that they are all done and that I will be moving back into the kitchen. I understand the need for academic classes but 3 solid weeks in the same class room for 8 hours a day get hard.

It was fun and a least a little bit rewarding because I am proud of my final project. I spent a lot of time and work on this and I get to reveal to you all my “imaginary” restaurant The Warehouse Club… I really couldn’t have done this with out all of you. A really big thank you goes out again to everyone who took my menu survey, and also I owe my dad a thank you for helping me out with the floor plan layouts. I asked for “mock” blueprints that he has done and he sent me some great ideas. Not wanting to copy directly from him and call it my own I used parts of all the plans and cut them up and re arranged them in paint to create my ideas.

While this is by no means complete or at a point where I could take it to a bank and ask for a loan I feel that it is a very solid ground works for moving forward. Enjoy the powerpoint and I am going to get back to uploading the recipes for you all. I have a 3 day weekend and then I am back in the kitchen for Plated Desserts and also starting my last 6 weeks before I head out west for my next internship. Time is flying fast and it’s all down hill from here. I have a lot of things to post and update for all of you.

Until next time Chef Fan’s stay hungry…


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