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Stone Ground Mustard

32 oz Batch Size
32 Portion per Batch
Unit Ingredients
32 oz white wine
2 oz whole brown mustard seeds
2 oz whole black mustard seeds
1 oz chopped onion
2 oz garlic, minced
8 oz ground dry yellow mustard
2 oz honey
2 oz oil
1 1/2 oz salt
1.Combine wine, onion, garlic in a saucepan. Simmer for five minutes.
2.Strain, discarding solids. Save and set liquid aside.
3.Place mustard powder in a saucepan.
4.Add the onion, garlic infused wine, whisking until smooth.
5.Add remaining ingredients and heat until thickened, stirring constantly.
6.Transfer to nonreactive (ex. Glass) container and refrigerate for at least two hours to one day to allow the flavors to blend before serving.

***** The recipes are also listed in oz but remember that this is cooking and it’s all about how it taste so us it more as a guide line for what to use**** These are my ideas and recipes and have been tested by me at NECI. Enjoy them.****** If you are wanting to scale the recipe up or down please see my post about recipe conversion which can be found by clicking on the link*****


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