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Pate En Croute (HARD, VERY HARD)

Alright Chef Fan’s I will warn you from the onset of this recipe, This is a very hard complicated recipe but done correct it is wonderful! There are many parts to this recipe and even a video to help you out. We are going to start out the recipe with the Dough and then move onto how to actually put it all together. You will find the recipe for forcemeat linked down below and you can use any type of forcemeat you would like to make for this recipe. You are also going to want to thing about what you want to inlay through out the Pate En Croute. This can be other cuts or cubes of meat, nuts, mushrooms, whatever you want really. You are also going to need prosciutto to wrap around the forcemeat, this creates a moisture barrier that will help with the fat bubbling out. Last But not least I wish you luck!

Recipe Name: PeC Dough
80oz Batch Size
80 Portion per Batch
Unit Ingredients
48 oz AP flour
8 oz Cornstarch
18 oz Butter
1 1/2 oz Fine salt
7 1/2 oz Eggs
2 fl.oz Maple syrup
10 fl.oz Water
1.Combine flour, cornstarch, butter, and salt in a bowl of a mixer with a paddle attachment. Mix on low until well blended.
2.Add the eggs, maple syrup, and water and mix just until a dough forms.
3.Vacuum seal and allow to rest for 1 day before using.

Forcemeat Recipe

Aspic Recipe

Video to put it all together.


***** The recipes are mostly listed in oz but remember that this is cooking and it’s all about how it taste so us it more as a guide line for what to use**** These are my ideas and recipes and have been tested by me at NECI. Enjoy them.****** If you are wanting to scale the recipe up or down please see my post about recipe conversion which can be found by clicking on the link*****



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