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A New Look and Feel

It feels like I am saying hello again for the very first time Chef Fan’s. I wonder how many of you will click on or come to read this post and be surprised by the changes you see on the layout and feel of the blog itself. Times change and we must change with them and to be honest with all of you I have been looking for a reason to change the way the blog has looked for a long time. I really like the new look myself but as my readers I hope that you do as well.

A brief bit of navigation information for all of you. On the Home page you will see a new sliding bar that has some older post listed in them labeled “Suggested Reading”. These are post that I found important to the new students that come to NECI to help get them started, as well as post that I liked or had a lot of fun with. The Pages are almost all the same across the top of the screen but the categories that where or the side of the page have been moved under the pages. I also went through and reorganized the categories to make them a little bit less clunky. The links, RSS Feed, and post search are now at the very bottom of the page under the post, AND speaking of post I have “cut” them so that on the front page you will only see a small portion of each post and will need to click on the post to read the full thing. I did this to make it feel less wordy.  Now on the side of the page you will find the subscribe through e-mail to this blog (HINT, HINT) and a drop down menu of the archives in past months.

Another cool thing about the new layout is that it has directional notes about where yo are in the pages, and you can click on let say “home” and be taken to that page. You could also click on my Name at the top of the page to get back to the home page as well. Last but most certainly not least is that there is also a new box on the side of the page that has items like most popular post, latest, post, comments you all have made, and post tags.

As this is still a work in progress I have realized that I still have things to add to the blog that I had forgotten about of the last 2 years or just haven’t had the time to put up yet so we may be time travailing for a little bit in the next few post but you know what that is part of the fun. Please feel free to explore around the site and give me feedback on what you like and don’t like about the new look and feel, and Stay tuned as the recipes and post keep stacking up. Until then Chef Fan’s.


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One Comment on “A New Look and Feel”

  1. Grandma January 23, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

    I love the new look, it is easy to get around, and everything starts with back to the beginning and the headings. I actually had no problem finding my way around, which is rare for me. Love and hugs, Grandma,

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