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Foams, Spheres, and Liquid Nitrogen, Oh My!!!

Hello again Chef Fans!

It has been a few weeks since I updated anything on the blog so I have decided to take the next few days/hours (now that I am caught up on homework) and update every one of the classes I am taking…. Ok so this might be a bit more than I can do in the next few hours but you know what I am going to try…

Jumping right into it I am starting off with Chemistry as this is one of the easiest classes that I can update at this time. I have learned a few new tricks that I will and wont use. I am talking about Foams, mostly, because I can see a real use for creating a foam to add not only a visual element to a plate but also a light and fluffy texture that can still pack a very large flavor punch. It is very easy to make a foam, why simply beating egg whites is one way of making a foam. the other is to add soy lecithin (a stabilizing agent) to help turn virtually anything else into a foam. Shake with some CO2 gas in a foaming (iso) container and then go to town foaming away!

When it comes to Spheres I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I know that it is a very handy trick to have up your sleeve but on the other it is more complicated than any of the others. It is all chemical based and if your measurements are off just a little bit it wont work. While it is fun to take basically anything and make it into a caviar or even an egg yolk shape I don’t know if it is something that I could do all the time. Something to work on and practice more of right???

Lastly we the really “scary” stuff Liquid Nitrogen, and while we haven’t actually had a chance to work with it yet (come on next class!!) we have been told how we can make ice creams and sorbet really fast. So I am really going to be looking forward to this class as who doesn’t like ice cream made with liquid nitrogen???

More updates are coming very soon Chef Fans so stay tuned!


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