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KAANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Want Some Wine….

This was a really fun project where we had to help out with the marketing of South African Wines. We could pick any wine we wanted to as long as it was from South Africa, and we had to come up with a flier or banner or poster of it. Here is what I did,  Enjoy!

Alright so it doesn’t turn out the same because the formatting from word and on WordPress are not compatiblebut here is a link to Golden Kaan Merlot


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One Comment on “KAANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Want Some Wine….”

  1. Tori February 6, 2012 at 9:23 am #

    Can you insert PDFs? Next time try saving it as a PDF and putting it in like that. Then no one can take what you’ve made and change it.

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