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Beijing – Muk See Yuk (Mu Shu Pork)


                 3 ½ t                                   Sugar

3/4t                                     Salt

1 1/2t                                  Rice wine

2T                                       Dark soy

1T                                       Cornstarch

2T                                       Chicken stock

2T                                       Hoisin

3 cups                                 Peanut oil

1 cup                                  Pork, julienne

1t                                        Ginger, minced

1t                                        Garlic, minced

4 cups                                 Cabbage, finely shredded

3ea                                      Scallions, cut lengthwise, 1 ½ inch pieces

½ cup                                  Bamboo shoots, julienne

2T                                       Cloud ear mushrooms, soaked

40ea                                                Tiger lily buds, soaked and trimmed, cut in half l-wise

5ea                                      Shiitake, julienne

4ea                                      Eggs, beaten

1T                                       Sesame oil



  1. Combine the first seven ingredients to make the sauce
  2. Heat wok and add oil
  3. Blanche pork in oil until done and remove, drain
  4. Empty all but 2T oil from the wok
  5. Cook/scramble eggs and remove
  6. Heat wok and add ginger and garlic stir (do not burn)
  7. Add cabbage and cook until soft and beginning to brown
  8. Add scallions, shoots, buds and mushrooms, cook briefly
  9. Add pork and cooked eggs
  10. Adjust seasoning
  11. Serve with Peking Duck pancakes

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