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Canton – Jah Ji Gai (Crisp Chicken)


                     1ea                           Chicken, 3#

¼ cup 2T                  Salt

3ea                           Star Anise

1ea                           Dried tangerine 1×2 inch

3ea                           Cinnamon sticks 2 inch

1ea                           Ginger piece, 2 inches, smashed

8 ½ cups                   Water

½ cup                       Rice wine

1ea                           Nutmeg

1 t                             Honey, mixed with 2T water

1t                              Rice vinegar

1t                              Rice wine

1/2t                           Cornstarch

6 cups                      Peanut oil

tt                               Sichuan peppercorn salt


  1. Wash chicken and trim of excess fat
  2. Rub ¼ cup salt on the outside of the chicken and let rest 1 minute
  3. Rinse chicken and let air dry in a colander for 1 hour
  4. Combine Anise, tangerine, cinnamon, ginger, ½ cup rice wine, nutmeg and water in a covered pot and simmer for 30 minutes
  5. Return water to a boil and add chicken, cover and cook for 12 minutes
  6. Flip chicken and cook until done,165 degrees
  7. Remove from pot and drain chicken, pierce with a fork to facilitate draining
  8. Combine honey mixture, rice wine and vinegar and cornstarch
  9. Brush honey mixture on chicken
  10. Let chicken air dry (hang) or pace in front of a fan (1-6 hours)
  11. Add peanut oil to wok and heat to 375 degrees
  12. Place chicken in a strainer or directly in the wok
  13. Ladle fat over chicken as it cooks, 5 minutes, golden brown
  14. Allow chicken to rest before cutting into small pieces
  15. Serve with SP salt

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