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Dotenabe (Oyster, Miso Hotpot)


2-3T                             Miso, light

8oz                              Oysters

2oz                              Daikon, peeled, sliced1/2 inch and parboiled

1 leaf                           Napa or other green, chiffonade

3ea                               Shiitakes, quartered

¼ cup                          Edamame

1 small (2oz)                Potato, large dice

4oz                              Tofu, large dice

1ea                               Egg, hard boiled, chopped for garnish

1ea                               Scallion, sliced thin

1 T 1t                           Sake

3-4 cups                       Dashi

tt                                  Shoyu



  1. Line the inner rim with a thin layer of miso
  2. Add potato, daikon, edamame, cabbage and mushrooms to the pot and cover with dashi up to the miso paste
  3. Simmer for 30 minutes
  4. Add tofu and oysters and cook for 1 minute
  5. Add scallions and stir
  6. Adjust seasoning with miso and shoyu
  7. Ladle into cups and garnish with chopped egg

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