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Egypt- Ta’amia or Falafel (Bean Fritters)


            ½#                                           Dried, skinless Fava Beans, soaked overnight

1 ½ t                            Cumin, toasted ground

½ t                                           Coriander, tst ground

Pinch                           Cayenne

½ t                                           Baking powder or soda

½ small                       Onion, minced

2ea                               Scallions, minced

2 cloves                       Garlic, crushed

½ cup                           Parsley, minced

½ cup                           Cilantro, minced

tt                                  Salt

tt                                  Pepper

½ cup                           Sesame seeds

As needed                    Vegetable oil for deep frying



  1. Drain and dry beans (test for doneness)*
  2. Place beans in a food processor and puree’ to a paste and let rest for 30 minutes
  3. Add remaining ingredients (except sesame) and adjust consistency
  4.  Form mixture into 2 inch discs and rest 10 minutes
  5. Sprinkle with sesame seeds
  6. Shallow fry in batches until golden
  7. Season and serve with baba ganouj and or hummus and pitas/flatbread

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