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½ cup                          Seaweed, reconstituted and chopped**

2 sheets                       Nori, shredded fine

3 cups                          Radish greens, blanched and chopped

1/3 cup                                    Chirimenjako or sakura ebi***

1 cup                           Katsuobushi

2T                                Sesame seeds

Tt                                 Soy sauce

Tt                                 Togarashi

Tt                                 Yuzu juice

2T                                Yuzu zest or other citrus (optional)

2T                                Sesame oil (optional)



  1. Add radish greens to a wok or sauté pan and cook until dry****
  2. Add next 4 ingredients and continue cooking on medium heat until sesame seeds start to color slightly or pop
  3. Season to taste with the remaining ingredients
  4. Serve over rice with a “pickle” available



*Furakake is a popular rice topping or condiment made from a variety of ingredients

** Any seaweed is acceptable including; hijiki, wakame and kombu

Chirimenjako are tiny dried fish and sakura ebi are tiny dried shrimp. Always taste these products before committing to the full amount indicated for the recipe as the salt content can vary

****The technique of dry stir frying is called kara iri


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