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Growing Local Fest

This is a post I have been meaning to make for a long time now and as you can see by the pictures it is from much earlier this year. It is a post that is still older then that, as this post goes back to Mod1 for the story to truly be told correctly. As my time here at NECI is getting closer to the end I find myself going back and updating post that I had meant to talk about at the time but as happens I lost it and I’m only now getting back to it. There are a lot of post like this to come I feel so enjoy the trip down memory lane and some of the untold stories about my time here at NECI…

I take you back to my First Mod when I was on student council, we where trying to raise money to help out around the school, around this same time was the first Growing Local Fest on the green of Vermont Collage. This first year we decide to sell grilled sweet corn because well we had a metric ton of corn that first year. Corn was in season and everyone wanted corn, how the times have changed and now it’s corn is bad! To tell the truth Chef Fan’s I know that corn really isn’t bad, in fact it taste really good and the real reason we had a bunch of corn was because it was grown local and was donated for use to use at the Growing Local Fest. What better snack then a fresh grilled corn right off the grill? We sold out3/4 of the way through the Fest What this means is that we had to shuck a lot of corn…That wasn’t all that we had going on…people came out to hear the live music, and this first year it was blue grass all day long…

The first Fest was a great hit, and when I got back to NECI for Mod’s 3-4 plans where already in the swing to get the next one going. Same as the year before I help out in the planing stages on student council, This last year I was more of a set up take down assistant as that was what was needed.

I spent the time in between this I got to walk around the Fest and “clean up” mostly I just got to enjoy the Fest and talk with the vendors of which there are plenty. I really like the Growing Local Fest if you want to see more pictures go to there website or even check them out on Facebook. I have more pictures I could post but as the are not mine I will just leave them on there website. I end with an advertisement video that was made after Growing Local Fest #2 Enjoy!


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