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Kamonaban Soba (Hot Soba with Duck and Long Onion)


1 ea                         Duck breast

6oz                         Dried Soba

6 cups                     Kakajiru

4 ea                         Scallions (or 1 long onion)

7ea                          Shiitake, large, sliced

¼ cup                      Sake

1 bunch                  Mitsuba or watercress

tt                             Shichimi togarashi (seven spice powder)



  1. Remove most of the fat from he duck breast and reserve
  2. Slice the duck very thin diagonally
  3. Cut each slice in half lengthwise to form strips
  4. Cook soba and cool under running water until the noodles no longer feel starchy
  5. Heat broth
  6. In a large saute’ pan begin to render the reserved duck fat until the bottom of the pan is covered
  7. Remove solid fat and discard
  8. Turn up temperature and place breast, mushrooms and onions into the pan, do not stir until duck begin to brown
  9. Quickly stir and deglaze with sake
  10. Add duck mixture to broth
  11. Add noodles to broth until hot
  12. Add noodles to bowl and top with duck, mushrooms, onions and greens add additional broth over the top as needed
  13. Season with seven spice powder

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