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Korea- Bulgogi (Fiery Beef)


           Meat and marinade

           1 ½#                                   Top round or similar cut, sliced thin and lightly pounded if necessary (see chef)

3oz                                     Soy

2oz                                     Rice vinegar

2oz                                     Sesame oil

2T                                       Sesame seeds, toasted and ground

1 ½ t                                   Sugar

4ea                                      Scallions, minced

4 cloves                              Garlic, minced

3/4t                                     Black pepper

3t                                        Sesame seeds



3oz                                     Soy

4t                                        Sesame oil

2oz                                     Water

2oz                                     Rice wine

2T                                       Sesame seeds, toasted and ground

1ea                                      Scallion, minced

2 cloves                              Garlic, minced

4t                                        Sugar


  1. Place meat and all marinade ingredients in a stainless steel insert or bowl
  2. Marinate overnight


  1. Mix all sauce ingredients together

To prepare

  1. Grill meat for approximately 30 seconds on each side
  2. Check seasoning
  3. Serve with sauce and rice

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