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Law (loh) Mai Chee ( Glutinous rice balls)

makes 12 pieces


7 oz                            glutinous rice flour

2 tbsp                           corn starch

10 fl oz                        water

2 tbsp                           peanut oil



12 TBS red bean paste



3.5 oz                          desiccated coconut or Sesame Seeds

2 oz                             glutinous rice flour


1) Mix flour, starch, and water until it is a smooth batter.

2) Add oil and mix until blended and smooth.

3) Steam the batter over high heat for 15 minutes.

4) Batter should become sticky dough.

5)Stir the dough, remove from heat.

6) Cover hands in glutinous rice flour to prevent dough from sticking to your hands, scoop a TBS of dough into hand.

7) Cover dough with flour and form a large circle.

8) Fill with 1 TBS of bean paste.

9) Close the opening, kneading until it forms a ball.

10) Dip the ball in water and then into the coconut or sesame seeds.

11)  Serve.


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