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Maguro Zukedon (Tuna/Rice Bowl)


                 1 cup                      Sushi rice

1 ea                         Avocado

4oz                         Tuna

1 ½ T                      Shoyu

2t                            Rice vinegar

½ t                          Wasabi, grated (or paste)

¼ cup                      Shiso (Japanese basil) julienne

2t                            Sesame seeds toasted



Prepare rice using the rice cooker (rinse well equal parts rice and water, salt)

  1. Slice tuna very thin and immediately place in the fridge

Prep avocado into ½ inch pieces

Combine soy, rice vinegar and wasabi

Add tuna to soy mixture and allow to marinate for two minutes

Place rice in a bowl

Top rice with tuna, avocado and some of the soy mixture (to taste)

Garnish with shiso and sesame


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