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Morocco Tagine el Lahm Emshmel Tagine of Lamb with Lemon and Olives*


2#                                Lamb shanks or shoulder

Pinch                           Saffron, crushed

1/8t                              Turmeric, ground

1/2t                              Ginger, ground

1/2t                              Paprika

¼ t                               Black pepper, ground

1/4t                              Cumin, ground

Tt                                 Salt

2T                                olive oil blend

1ea                               onion, minced

¼ cup                           Cilantro, Chopped

¼ cup                           Parsley, chopped

1 ea                              Preserved lemon

1 ea                              Tomato, chopped

¼ cup                           Olives, rinsed and halved (kalamata or picholine)

Tt/1ea                          Lemon juice and zests



  1. Trim lamb of excess fat
  2. Place a small amount of water in the bottom of a tagine or small rondeau
  3. Add saffron, spices oil and 2T of minced onion
  4. Add lamb and season
  5. Sweat briefly
  6. Add 1-2 cups of water or stock and cover
  7. Cook on low heat adding more stock or water as needed until the meat is close to tender (1 ½ hours or more depending on meat used)
  8. Add onions, preserved lemons and tomato and continue to cook until meat is tender
  9. Add lemon juice and olives and herbs and heat briefly
  10. Adjust seasoning
  11. Serve in the tagine or remove meat from tagine (to a serving vessel) and adjust consistency of sauce
  12. Pour sauce over meat
  13. Garnish with zests and additional herbs
  14. Serve with cous cous


* There are many variations of this dish. Add fruits such as dates, raisins or quince, or vegetables such as carrots, celery and artichokes to name a few.


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