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Okonomiyaki (Stuffed Pancake)



1 cup               Cake flour

1 cup               Water or dashi

2oz                  Taro, grated or other Asian root or 2 T tapioca or potato starch

Tt                     Shoyu


1 cup               Cabbage chiffonade or shred, sautéed

¼ cup              Scallion, sliced thin

2T                    Pickled ginger, minced

2ea                   Eggs

4oz                  Julienne, pork, chicken, shrimp or beef

2T                    Nori, toasted and crumbled

2T                    Bonito flakes, optional

As needed       Vegetable or peanut oil

As needed       Tonkatsu sauce (see recipe)



  1. Sift the flour
  2. Add dashi, shoyu and taro to form a batter
  3. Divide batter between 2 bowls
  4. Divide the protein, scallions, cabbage and ginger between the two bowls
  5. Make a hole in the center of the ingredients and add the egg
  6. Heat a griddle or non stick sauté pan and coat well with oil
  7. Mix ingredients in one bowl (just before cooking) with chopsticks or a spoon
  8. Pour contents of first bowl into the hot pan
  9. Cook pancake on medium heat until golden brown
  10. Flip pancake omelette style or with two spatulas, press well and cook second side until golden, add more oil if necessary
  11. Slide pancake onto a plate and top with tonkatsu sauce
  12. Repeat process with second bowl/pancake
  13. Garnish with bonito flakes and seaweed
  14. Cut pancakes into 6 pieces each before serving hot

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