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Pan-fried Tofu with Mushrooms Dubu Jeon


1#                                Tofu firm

As needed                    Canola oil

1 pac                            Enoki

1#                                Shiitake

2os                               Shimeji or oyster mushrooms

¼ cup                           Straw mushrooms*

Tt                                 Salt

Tt                                 Pepper

Tt                                 Soy-scallion dipping sauce



  1. Cut the tofu in half lengthwise
  2. Wrap each piece in a sanitized side towel
  3. Place the wrapped tofu in a half hotel pan place another pan on top and weight with two pounds of butter for 30 minutes 9to remove excess moisture)
  4. Cut each piece of tofu in half lengthwise (4 total pieces)
  5. Pan or wok fry the tofu until  crispy and brown on each side
  6. Season and reserve
  7. Stir fry mushrooms, season
  8. Arrange tofu side by side on a serving platter
  9. Top tofu with mushrooms
  10. Top with soy dipping sauce


  • Other mushrooms can be substituted

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