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Seafood and Green Onion Pancakes Haemul Pa Jeon


1 ¼ cup                                    Flour, AP

1/3 cup                                    Rice Flour

Tt                                 Salt

As needed                    Water to make batter

10 ea                            Scallion cut into 2 inch pieces

¼#                               Shrimp, P and D, tail removed, ½ inch pieces

¼#                               Squid, cut into ½ inch rings/pieces

Tt                                 Kimchi, minced

As needed                    Vegetable oil

Tt                                 Salt


  1. Place flours in a mixing bowl
  2. Add water to make a thick batter
  3. Add seasoning to taste
  4. Mix in seafood, scallions and kimchi
  5. Cook pancakes (size varies) on a griddle or in a sauté pan until crisp on both sides*
  6. Season and cut in wedges
  7. Serve with soy-scallion dipping sauce


  • The pan should be hot enough to achieve the proper color and texture without over cooking the seafood

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