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Sichuan Fragrant and Crispy Duck Xiang Su Quan Ya


1ea                               Duck or 3 or 4 legs

3 t                                Salt

1t                                 Sichuan peppercorns

1 -2 inch                      Cinnamon stick

1ea                               Star Anise

2ea                               Cloves

½ t                               Fennel seed

½ ea                             Cao gua or 1 cardamom pod

2 slices                         Dried galanagal

3T                                Shaoxing

1 1 ½ inch piece          Ginger

2ea                               Scallions


As needed                   Peanut oil for frying

1t                                 Sesame oil



1        Crush the spices and combine with the salt and wine

2        Rub this mixture all over the duck/duck parts

3        Place in a bowl/container that will fit inside the steamer baskets

4        Slice the ginger and chop the scallions

5        Place ginger and scallion in and around the duck

6        Let marinate 1 hour

7        Steam for 1 ½ hours for whole duck and 45 minutes for duck legs

8        Remove from steamer and let cool

9        Remove ginger and scallions from the inside of the duck and dry duck well

10    Fry duck in peanut oil using a wok (350) If using a whole duck turn over after 10 minutes to brown the top side. If frying legs, fry until crisp and brown about 5 minutes

11    Drain duck well and cut for service

12    Serve Peking style with pancakes, cucumber and hoisin


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