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Tempura (Deep Fried Meats and Vegetables)


                 2ea                          Eggs

1 pt                         Sparkling water, cold

10 oz                      AP flour


12 piece                  Shrimp31/35

12 piece                  Shiitake

12 piece                  Broccoli florets



  1. Beat eggs and add water
  2. Add flout to liquid and mix until incorporated (there will be lumps) Do not over mix!
  3. Individually dip ingredients into the batter, shake of excess
  4. Deep fry @360 degree
  5. Drain on a paper towel and season

* Make multiple diagonal cuts across the belly of each shrimp to prevent curling

Tentsuyu (       Tempura Dipping Sauce)



                 1 ½ T                      Sugar

3T                           Mirin

2cups                      Ichiban Dashi

5T                           Light soy (Usukuchi)

1 ½ T                      Shoyu




  1. Mix ingredients together

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