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Tofu and Clam Hot Pot Sundubu Chigae


1T                    Dark sesame oil

4oz                  Pork, julienne

5 cups              Beef/veal stock

1#                    Tofu, soft

Tt                     Korean red pepper paste (should be spicy!)

10 ea                Clams, littleneck, rinsed

1 ea                  Egg, cracked into bowl, don’t beat

2ea                   Scallion greens cut into 2 inch bias

Tt                     Salt



  1. Sauté pork in a casserole, sauce pot or in the wok (using  2t of sesame oil)
  2. Add stock and bring to a boil
  3. Scoop tofu and add to soup
  4. Dilute the pepper paste with some of the soup broth and return to soup
  5. Add clams and cover until open
  6. Adjust seasoning
  7. Add egg, scallions and remaining sesame (do not break yolk) and bring to a simmer
  8. Place soup in serving bowl

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