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Vegetable Rice Bowl Dolsot Bibimbap


As needed                               Seasoned eggplant (see recipe)

As needed                                Seasoned bean sprouts (see recipe)

As needed                                Seasoned spinach (see recipe)

As needed                                Seasoned carrots (see recipe)


3 cups                                      Cooked rice (see recipe)

2T                                            Dark sesame oil

4ea                                           Eggs

2T                                            Red pepper sauce


  1. Place the warm/hot rice into an oiled and hot casserole, cast iron pan or wok *
  2. Arrange namul on top of rice
  3. Top with sunny side eggs (cooked separately)
  4. Top with sesame oil and pepper sauce
  5. Mix to incorporate (see chef)
  6. Serve in individual stone pots or leave in cooking vessel and present

This dish can be served hot or warm

  • The rice should crisp and brown on the bottom. The crisp rice is an integral part of the dish and should be distributed throughout the dish when mixing. Use enough oil and heat to create this “browning” be careful not to burn.



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