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Vietnam – Cha Gio Tom (Fried Shrimp Rolls)


1   ounce                               Bean thread Noodles (cellophane)

4 ounces each                       Pork, beef and crab*

4 ea                                         Shallots, minced

4 ea                                         Garlic cloves, minced

½ ea                                         Medium onion, minced

1 cup                                         Bean sprouts

2T                                         Fish sauce

4 T                                         Mint, chopped fine

4 T                                         Cilantro, chopped fine

Tt                                         Black pepper

1ea                                         Egg, beaten

½ cup                                         Sugar

24 ea                                         Shrimp, tail on 31/35

24ea                                         Rice paper rounds, 8 ½ inch

As needed                              Peanut oil or canola oil


1.      Gather all ingredients to prepare rolls

2.      Soak the noodles for thirty minutes and cut into 1 inch pieces

3.      Combine noodles with all ingredients up to and including the egg.

4.      Wash the lettuce leaves, pat dry and chiffonade.

5.      Add sugar to 4 cups of warm water in a stainless bowl

6.       Dip two rice papers at a time into the water for 20 seconds and remove to dry towel

(do not let rice papers touch)

7.      Place 1 tablespoon and one shrimp in each rice paper and roll into a triangle (see chef)

8.      Shallow fry the “rolls” until crispy, do not let the rolls touch when frying

9.       Drain on a paper towel

10.     Serve with nuoc cham


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