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Chilean Wine’s

While looking for articles and after doing some reading I saw that Chile was being ranked at the top of the charts for it’s Sustainable wine’s. You could say that Vermont has something to look up to, or maybe some competition for sustainable wines.

I know this is an older article but it takes about how in 2010 Chile won an award for being among the highest ranked producers of sustainable wine. The article can be found here. I really like the site itself because it has a lot of really great information about Chilean wine, and also is the best site I have found while taking the class that talks about the wine of that country. Check it out.

This time fro Wine homework we had to talk about a trend coming out of Chile that was having an effect on the wine they make. This little thing is what I came up with. Enjoy!

Chilean Sustainable Wines

Some Chilean winemakers are dedicated to being green. They are implementing sustainable practices, and not just in their viticulture. To them “sustainability means recognizing wine as part of a complete system that is not confined to the vineyard but that encompasses the winery, the employees, and the local community.” Their purpose behind this is to express the purest form of wine from Chile. They want to be as natural as possible. There is an increase of organic and biodynamic viticulture in Chile. This is very different from US wineries that, even if they are organic, will not put it on the label for fear of people’s perceptions of organic wine.

The green/sustainable wine trend has the power to completely change the Chilean wine industry. If the trend continues to grow in popularity Chile could one day be specifically known for organic, biodynamic, and sustainable wines. I would say because it is an entire country of the wine making world backing this trend, and given the fact that they can produce so much more wine then say Vermont, they really do have a greater chance to change the worlds views about sustainable wines. Because sustainability is a complex, multi-faceted goal, Wines of Chile’s technical branch, the Wine Consortiums (Vinova and TecnoVid), embarked upon a long-term endeavor that began with a Sustainability Program consisting of a series of initiatives and projects to address the different areas included within the overarching concept of sustainability.

In this article I read (Chile’s Route to Sustainability and the Green Challenges) it mentioned that Chile’s goal is not just to be number one in the sustainable wine market, but to educate the consumers about sustainable wine. If they accomplish this goal I can see Chile changing the world. By making sustainable and organic wine more easily understood they make it more approachable. By making it more approachable it will become more popular. By making it more popular more people will be encouraged to make it. I think you can see the trend at this point? Chile can make the world a better place, just by doing their thing. The article I read really shows that Chile is serious about sustainability. This is not just some whimsical passing fantasy to them; they’re planning for today and for the future.

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